Teacher Highlight – Gwen Roeder

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Mrs. Gwen Roeder was born December 5th and grew up in the 50s-60s in Carrollton, Texas. Mrs. Roeder has been married to Coach Roeder for 50 years, and they have two daughters. Her daughters, unlike her, didn’t raise their families in Texas. One of her daughters lives in Nevada and the other in Austria. Mrs. Roeder attended Baylor University here in North Texas. She has a big interest in music. She played the drums in high school and is a singer. Travel is a big part of her life as well. She has been to Austria, of course, to visit her daughter and loves the warm, sunny Florida beaches. When her daughter was a seventh-grade students here at FBA, Mrs. Roeder was offered a job at the school and has continued working here many years later. She says that she always wanted to teach and felt it was always in God‘s plan for her. Some interesting facts about Mrs. Roeder are that she loves Tiff’s Treats cookies (in case someone would like to gift her some), she loves Broadway, and her favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail.

Written by Daniella Martinez – FBA Student