Mission & Values

Our Mission

Dallas First Baptist Academy provides a Christ-centered and biblically-integrated college preparatory education to develop the next generation of Christian servant leaders for the glory of God.

Saints Values

It is true of both institutions and individuals – those that tend to endure operate on a set of core values, constants that define who they are and guide how they act and react. First Baptist Academy has established such a set of core values. These values define our institution. But we are more than just an institution, we are individuals – teachers, staff members, moms, dads, and students. As adults, we will work to model Saints Values and instill them in our students, creating an ever-widening group of Dallas First Baptist Academy alumni who have Saints Values as constants in their lives.

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Representing well the name of Jesus Christ.


  • love one another as Christ first loved them.
  • are joyful because God’s grace is free and available.
  • are peacemakers in a world of conflict.
  • are patient when circumstances seem stressful.
  • are kind, good, and gentle toward other Saints and the world around them.
  • are faithful to the Word of God, standing on its promises and living by its direction.
  • control what they say and how they act.

Modeling integrity and personal respect in all relationships.


  • understand that all authority comes from God and, therefore, respect those in authority over them.
  • build trust by listening, following through, and keeping their word.
  • rely on other Saints to do the right thing.

Showing dedication to excellence in every endeavor.


  • work at everything as if they were working for the Lord.
  • passionately develop their talents.
  • focus on successful outcomes with an eternal perspective.