Congratulations, Principal Davis!

January 19, 2018 11:32 am  |  News

Moving into our Secondary Principal position next year will be Joseph Davis.

This is Mr. Davis’ 6th year at FBA. He has a Bachelor’s in History from the University of Texas at Arlington, a Master’s in American History from the University of North Texas, and is currently working on completing his MBA in General Management at Dallas Baptist University. His wife, Katie, works at DBU.  They have a 17 month old daughter, Rosalyn, and they have a baby boy on the way, due at the beginning of May.

fba secondary principal

From Mr. Davis

“Aside from the salvation found in Jesus Christ, nothing has done more to transform my life than education. It has helped give me purpose and make me the man I am today. I firmly believe that a biblical education is the only foundation for a true understanding of the world in which we live. That is why I am passionate about my new role as a principal of First Baptist Academy and embrace the challenge of bringing the best possible Christian education to our students.”

We were confident our FBA family would be proud and excited about our choice, and we were right. Continue reading to learn what they had to say.

FBA Family Quotes

“Mr. Joseph Davis will forever be one of my favorite teachers. From my first class with him, I learned that he was an extremely intelligent man, with a truly incredible work ethic, and I do mean incredible. He is grounded in his faith in the Lord and he never fails to read his class the Bible verse of the day and then proceeds to explain the verse’s meaning so no one is confused. Mr. Davis is an incredible person, and I am excited to see all of the great things he will do to benefit the school in the future! ” 

 “A very relaxed and patient person, but when it’s time to get serious, you have nothing but respect for the man. He’s extremely intelligent, a great teacher, and has worked his whole life to earn what he has, along with a new great family in the making. He brings a new sense of young and fresh urgency to FBA, and all current and former students love him and have nothing but respect.” 

“Mr. Davis is just a clutch guy.  He respects the kids, we respect him, and it’s all love with Mr. Davis.”

“Mr. Davis… coolest guy I know; great teacher, wish I had him this year, but sadly, I did not.  He is a very hardworking man, very dedicated to what he has to do.  His goals are set high and he does his best to achieve them.”

“Mr. Joseph Davis is by far the best teacher I have ever had in my life.  He’s very kind and was crazy supportive of me when I came to FBA.”

“He’s a great teacher and person.  He makes work so much easier for the students and he knows everything about history.  He’s going to be a great principal.”

“He has great integrity and makes sure that we do our best.”

“As a teacher, he involved all of the students in the class discussion and gave all students confidence.  His teaching style makes you want to learn”  

“Mr. Davis is an incredibly patient and good hearted, kind hearted person.  A great teacher all around who really knows how to break things down to different people in different ways and explain it where everyone can understand it.”

“I like how he can interact with students, and how he can easily flip back and forth from being interactive with students and being serious and getting his points across in class.”

“I like his knowledge of the outside world and understanding of what is going on in our lives, and how he dealt with things at our age.”

“He is very respectable, and he respects your opinion, and tries to work with you as much as he can given your current situation.”

“I believe Joseph Davis will be a very good principal to our school because he is very dedicated to his job, he listens to the students, he tries to make changes if they are in reach and not too out of line.”

“Mr. Davis is a great leader and great man.”

“I think Joseph Davis is a respectful man who is able to connect with students and is able to get his point across without seeming rude or too authoritative.”

“He really cares about the subject that he’s teaching, and about his students as well.  He listens to their opinions on things.” 

“He’s a really good teacher and great person.  He helps the students out a lot, and he is really Godly.”