Coding and Robotic Fun!

Robotics 3

Did you know that students in our PK program can learn the fundamentals of computer programming? At FBA, we offer computer programming and robotics programs for students in PK through 12th grade. Each year building on new skills to allow our students to be ready upon graduation to face a world with a high demand for students that have coding and problem-solving skills.

      In Elementary, we have coding and robotics afterschool programs for students in PK-6th grade. Students learn the programming language Blockly, a block-based visual programming language. Integrated programming in other academic disciplines benefit students in all areas of their education. Students learn the fundamentals of coding using websites such as and to solve puzzles and create video games, art, music, and apps! 

     In Middle and High School, we build on their understanding of Blockly code to teach students popular and more complex programming languages such as Java and Python. We encourage our students to be creative and think outside of the box when it comes to developing and designing mobile apps, websites, and autonomous robotic systems. 

    In all grades, we use the VEX robotics system to construct and program robots to do all sorts of activities, from playing soccer to drawing works of art!   

About the author: Jason Smith is FBA’s Middle School Bible teacher, and he is the head of the Coding and Robotics program.